Sunday, May 15, 2011

Plants in the greenhouse

Omg im not sure what i was thinking when i planted those tomatoseeds .
Now i have 38 tomatoplants growing like crazy !! 10 strawb plants ,oregano ,basill,and mint ,2  dahlia´s
and i really whant some grape´s as well ,not sure what hubby will say about that ,but this i got him to do yesterday.
i already painted on of them and they can be used as flower bench or seats for the kids  or me :)

Here i got this awesome idea for the bench
one creative girl there.


  1. I love tomatoes--they're a staple in all mediterranean cooking, as you know! Tomatoes, onions, garlic... so I always think tomatoes are never too much--you can always freeze them to use when cooking, if you have too many, it's actually better for making sauce for instance. Or you can offer some to your friends, they'll love them :)

  2. Oh, just thought of something you may like--gaspacho (Portuguese style): chop up tomatoes, a little onion, cucumber, bell pepper (either green or red or both) in small pieces and place in a bowl. Add chopped coriander and season as a salad with coarse salt, vinegar and olive oil. In the end add ice cubes and let it sit for a while. My brother's friends from the US loooooooooooved this so much I had to make it at every meal when they visited us :)

  3. wow that sounds really good Teresa ,im gona try that for sure ,i just bought a paprika plant :) cant wait to see how it all grows

  4. Hello.

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    Hugs, Mona C


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