Saturday, May 7, 2011


Its saturday night and im having some beer oh yeh
but today it was very hot ,the sun was trying to hide from in the sky´s !!!
here is a pic of my strawb plant ,its grown so much since i gott it ,i cant wait for so some berry´s grow here.
the day was pretty boring :( no car so we dint do much ,have to say i wasnt in a good mood today
but then joi´s friend brought a car that he is gona lend us for 2 months oh yeh how nice is he :)) such a great guy

 so im gona go tomm and try to drive here in norway ,i havent driven a car in 9 months now
thats my litle guy watering my flowers ,he will start kindergarden in august ,and he is so happy about that :)

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  1. Your garden is looking good, Valeria! Those strawberries should be coming out soon :) my mother-in-law grows them too as well as raspberries, they're so yummy!


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