Monday, May 30, 2011

Chocolate buns

This is last blog in this month.We had lots of guest´s yesterday so to have something tasty for them i made these chocolate buns and boy are they good and just the best buns ever i think.

very soft and fluffy buns are the best ,the recipe is very big but in a big house you need BIG

  • 900-1000 gram hveteml ,flour
  • 5 dl melk (ca 30 grader) ,milk warm
  • 25-50 gram gjær ,yeast depends on how long you leave the dough to rest ,i used 40 gr and left it for almost an hour
  • 150 gram sukker ,sugar
  • 1 ts kardemomme,cardimon
  • 1/4 ts salt
  • 1 egg
  • 150 gram smør, i terninger ,butter in bits
  • kokesjokolade, finhakket ,chocolate chopped small
  • brunt sukker ,brown sugar
  • smør ,butter
  • kanel,cinamon
but everything (not the butter) in the mixer and mix very well  then add the butter in small pices at a time and mix good ,then let the dough rest for an hour or so with a plastinc film over it (in a warm spot) i put in top of the stove while im heating the oven

here you can see how to make these beautiful buns ,rolling the dough is fun and makes pretty buns as well .

these are great for the kids with cold milk :) and for mums since mums like chocolate
bake and enjoy .


  1. Mmm, de så gode ut!!!

    Kjekt du vil være med i give away hos meg:), ha en fin dag.

  2. Hej
    Mums det ser väldigt gott ut:)
    tack för titten hos mig


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