Sunday, December 9, 2012

Marshmallow Snowflakes

I saw this idea from Martha Stewart last year but dint have those snowflakes and they are the only snowflakes i would like to use to make these :) yeh yeh i know i kinda crazy but i just think they are to gorgeous to not use them ,so this year i bought them on ebay and ive been using the cutters ever since i got them .
i whanted to make this look kinda vintage look so i added a soft rosy haze on the images .
I just love this look .
i also made some changes on blog look ,i hope you like it and hey dont be afraid of leaving comments i love reading them .
Marshmallow-snowflakes link
im off the bake some more for christmas ,hope you have a great sunday and remeber to enjoy the days to come .

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  1. Hello, wonderful pictures with magic feelings. love from Siv:-)


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