Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snow kaos

Well i sure got what i whanted haha snow and more snow its been snowing now for 2 nights and one day and on friday they say there is storm coming ,i only hope i get to keep the snow untill christmas
im not sure if i can walk to work and i sure cant take the car ......... well i just have to give it a try ,dress good and go for it .
my 7 year old is affraid that she will drown in the snow on her way to school ,i told her that she will make it fine :)
Im glad im almost done with my shopping ,took 2 days and bought almost everything ,so now everything im sending to Iceland is on its way home to our family .
well im getting ready for work and i hope you guys out there have a good day .
hugs Valeria

1 comment:

  1. they say be careful what you wish for...take care walking through all that frozen water!!! it looks very pretty...but please keep it there!!!


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