Sunday, December 2, 2012


Its been so much fun having all this snow and i can hardly belive how much snow we have in just 2 days ,the kids love it the dog loves it and hes not much for beeing out side but he loves sitting out side in the snow watching the kids and looking at birds ,one would think he was a cat haha
here he is in his jumper i knitted for him last winter ,
all this snow makes me so happy ive baked ,played ,cleand i even made some birdfood this weekend i just wish i had more time ..... work is calling ..... so i only have the weekends to do what i need to do and the kids need there time to so im off to the movies with them and then i need to figure out on a christmas card image omg that in the biggest problem i have ,the kids just dont like me when i have the camera on me :) oh no there she comes with the camera lets hide .
have a great sunday


  1. WOOF!!!!! hope the movie was good...

  2. we don't get very much snow here...certainly not at this time of year...when it snows here...we write about it!!!! :) :) :)


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