Saturday, December 15, 2012

Third in advent

Then we light the 3rd candle ,i saw this candle sticks on the wonderful internet and i just had to have them ,so i whent surfing and found a online store that sold them last year but she was all out now :( but i just happend to find them in a store here not far from me :) was so happy and bought them
now i plan on making my own candle sticks ,not sure how they will turn out but i bought the sement and hubby is gona help me out (he was so happy when i told him )hihi
today im making a try at a chai desert i plan on making on christmas day just whant to make sure its good cause i have dinner guests, will for sure show you some pictures if it turns out good
put ive been sick since friday so everyone whent out to do there thing yesterday so i was alone home so i playd a bit with some things i had .
and then there was the candy cane candy ,maby not canes but candy yes
and here is a letter my daugther wrote to santa ,maby you dont know but we in Iceland we have 13 santas and they come one by one starting 13 days before christmas and the kids put a shoe in the window and if they have been good they get a little gift from santa .
So she wrote him this letter asking how many raindeers they have ,he wrote back and said 6 :)
and she left him milk and cookies ,guess he liked them cause he drank the milk and the cookies where gone .
i just love this letter she wrote ,it has the most beautiful drawing on it and just look at how she writes
bit icelandic and also in norsk haha .
hope you enjoy this post and i hope you have a good day

p.s im lighting an extra candle for the people that are going through hard times now and my heart goes out the familys in Newtown  Connecticut ,such a horrible thing no words can decribe it .....

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  1. such a beautiful post Svana...such lovely photos...I'm sure the candlesticks will turn out well and you can make lots and sell them next year!!!! maybe you can press a crocheted snowflake in the cement and leave an impression...then you'll have snow all year round!!!!


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