Monday, May 23, 2011

Chocolate cake

On sunday we had so much to do around the house and we got guest as well so i made a cake and it was delicious everyone loved the cream on top and the cake was very moist and i will for sure make that one again .
Its poring rain today so im not really sure what im gona do ,maby some thing around the house ,more laundry boring i know but someone has to do it .
 I wish i had some cake left ,then i would snuggle under a blanket with my son and watch some tv and eat a litle cake .No im trying to watch my diet and ive lost 1 kg in a week so its going great .
I cant wait to paint my new table /bench white ,it will look so good i think .
I wish some of the rain here would go to Iceland ,that would help alot with the ash,
some peoble in Kirkjubæjarklaustur have left there homes :/ and are staying with friends and family ,they say that it could turn into lava soon ,so then there wont be as much ash but it could stay like that for one or two months !!
stay safe everyone


  1. The weather here seems to be changing a bit--the sky isn't blue anymore but it's hot, hot, hot! I'm not sure if there are any ashes coming our way yet but they probably will...
    We have to consider, with all the nasty things we have done to the Earth for centuries it has to come back at us! So we get earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados and volcanoes erupting all over the world... it's kind of scary!
    Stay safe, my dear
    PS - that chocolate cake could make me break my diet lol it looks so absolutely yummy!!!

  2. Svana your baking is just wonderful!! I hope your family in Iceland is OK and that the ash isn't causeing too many problems for them. Mother Earth is definatley going through a different cycle lately...planets do that and this time around we are here to see it, or some of it. Well done on the 1kg you can eat more cake!!!


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