Sunday, May 22, 2011


Yesterday was really busy in a way ,we dint go anywhere just staying home and doing things around the house ,hubby was building me a table with seats on ,its so cool and since he was working all day and the day before i made him a healthy salat and we had a cozy time in the green house.
its bankabygg wich is grown i Iceland with schrimps ,mynt ,tomatos salt and pepper ,really jummy and so healthy
you can see the table he made for me ,i just need to paint it white .
Im not really sure how things are going back home in Iceland ,all i know it that there is so much ash but it seems as the volcano is slowing down but making much ash and the ash is already in Reykjavik ,i feel sorry for the animals ,but the farmers are trying to get them inside or those animals they can reach .
Its really strange watching this on the internet and not beeing home ,so i hope everyone is save .

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    The salad look great.
    thank you for visit:)
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