Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eurovision 2011

yeh tonight is eurovision night and in Iceland everyone has a party and has a good time and watch the contest
tonight we have Sjonni´s friends from Iceland ,great song and has a special mening to many peoble cause Sjonni died a few days before the contest :( very sad .
listen to the song here

but my favorite song is from Finnland
listen to the text
its a song with such great message


  1. Oh Valeria, Eurovision... our song was (as usual lol) a flop! We just don't seem to understand what type of song people want to hear at the contest... our song was fun (for us), it had a political message and brought back memories from our revolution in 1974 but it means nothing to other European countries--and there were such beautiful songs this year! You're right, the Finnish song has a wonderful message. Do you know Michael Jackson's Earth Song?

  2. hehe i thought the portugal song was so funny ,the singers had an icelandic sign wich was spelled wrong :) its fun to watch this contest

  3. hey!
    you can buy them on example .. and second-hand shops

  4. The Portuguese song was supposed to bring back the spirit of our revolution (the way things are around here it almost feels like we could use another one...) but it's more of a national thing than an european one... we do have wonderful singers, believe me! :) lol


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