Friday, May 13, 2011

A litle crochet

Yeh i can logg in ,some problems with the blogspot but it seems to be fine now :)
Well my hand is getting much better after the acident i had ,so i was able to crochet a litle yesterday in the sun
sat outside with my coffee and the hook and it felt good
i have a few flower made and i just need to crochet them togther ,so its not going as fast as i would have liked but im not giving up on this ,it will look so good when all is done (not sure when that will be )
i just need to focus on one spot ,ive been allover the blanket with those flowers ,so im gona try to focus one spot



  1. YEAH!! we are some of the first up by the looks of it...but that's all that counts right...YOU and ME!!!
    love all those flowers...makes me want to make some...great job S!!!


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