Monday, May 23, 2011


The volcano in Grímsvötn is not slowing down far from that and the ash is already in Reykjavík the capital of Iceland

,my family and everyone else is staying in as much as they can with closed windows so the ash wont go in as much ,i feel so bad for the peoble that live near the volcano its just horrible there now ,im sure that alot of them will leave there homes soon if they have not already .
there is just no way for them to stay there ,and farmers are loosing some animals :( and this is the 3rd eruption in a very short time .
This is just not what the peoble of Iceland need as this point
its having an impact on airtraffic and not just in Iceland ,the Uk as well
I just talked to my sister and she lives close to the capital and they are seeing ash there ,im not sure i feel good about not beeing there or not

This is the begining of the eruption
You have to see this amazing video

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  1. Oh dear! So sorry about the volcano and the horrible ash. Do hope your family keeps safe. It is a lovely table, and salad. Mia S


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