Monday, May 2, 2011


Its a new week how time fly´s ,its been nine months since i moved here to Norway on the 5th of May
it seems a long time but its not .
Iceland will always be home no matter how much i like Norway ,i dont think about how long we will live here better to just stay in the moment and now worrie about what will happen in the future .
Me and my litle guy baked some bread buns with cottage cheese in and wow they are really soft just perfect ,sure the girls will love to get new bread when they come home from school .
you can find the recipe here but its in icelandic

need help with it just ask :)
i just found this tree in my garden and it has the most beautiful flowers ,it seems as its been grafted to another tree .
we had wonderful weekend ,the weather has been just awesome :) im really loving it here ,we had lunch in the garden yesterday and then we took the kids to the carnival again ,just for a few rides .
then i got a haircut ,so happy with my hair now .

enjoy youre day


  1. Time does fly by, doesn't it...? Your flowers are beautiful, and so is your garden. How is your green garden going? Did you put any more edible plants in there?

  2. no i really need a car so i can go get more stuff ,i whant an appeltree and maby olive tree to :) but soon i hope soon

    thanks for you comments :)


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