Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vakre ting

Here are some beautiful things that i have in my home ,some i bought when i moved to Norway and some are old things that i have had for years and some mean the world to me cause the kids made them for me ,love things that the kids make ,they put everything in them and they are so happy to see what you think of them and the smile they have on there faces ,i still have candles that they made for me ,i dont really whant to burn them .
These houses i bought here in Norway ,i love the way the look and you can put candles in them to
here is origano in a cute pot i bought yesterday
this house i got yesterday as well ,i found it in a store called Kid
This is one of those things i have had for a long time ,it was my grandmothers and it has some old things in there that belong to my mom and my grandmother ,priceless to me
and this is something i really love ,my spoons that where bought in america
this is very old to and i cant remeber where i got it from but in was in Iceland ,means alot to me and i think its very pretty
this is just so cute and very close to my heart ,my 8 year old dd gave it me the other day and its something that she made for me ,porkypine or pintsvin or what every they are called here hehe but she was so glad to give it to me and the smile on her face awww melts my heart .
these i have had for years now ,they are yarn roller or something like that ,they are very pretty and old and i love them
and this is Icelandic design and my very best friend dísa gave it to me after i moved here to Norway ,its very very pretty and gifts like that mean the world to me
you can see more here www.bility.is

i may show you some more stuff later ,i have loads of old stuff i brough with me ,i just dont really have the space for all of it .


  1. I love old (or should we call them ancient? vintage?) things too, Valeria. I usually say it doesn't matter to me if things are old or new or cheap or expensive, but I do love things with a history behind them--made by someone we love, handed down from our family...
    Lovely things, my friend!

  2. You have beautiful things of love around your house. I just loVe them too :')


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