Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cottage cheese

Today it is still raining :/ pweseee can you stop making all this rain ,i really need to go out and im bored of dressing up like im going out to play in mud
But since the weather was so boring and i wasnt going out and i was kinda hungry
I baked these cottage cheese balls ,they dint turn out the way i planned them but they are good :)
With tea and smile it was good and the litle guy thought it was jummy even the dog stole a bit from him so that tells me that the look isnt everything .
Yesterday i got a big big box from Iceland filled with eastereggs for the kids (we have special eggs )also my sister sent me a great cupcake book ,plus i got some ebay stuff that found there way to Iceland .

Have a wonderful day and hope the sun shines on us 

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  1. check these out S....little roses...


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