Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Poring rain

Hei today is the most boring day ever ,i had planned to walk to town and buy some baking supplies and maby just walk and enjoy the day but NO it started to rain and boy did it rain ,but i wasnt gona let that stop me so me and my litle guy dressed up for the rain and took the bus but we dint stay long cause of the weather

but looking at these pic´s taken on sunday ,it makes me smile ,sunny and a litle warm and we even saw this beautiful butterfly

                                 so there is hope :)

                                 here my litle guy is playing
Thats all i have for you today ,i was going to bake something but then when i came home from the rain i just dint feel like it .


  1. I'm glad you had a great time at the seaside! Don't worry, the sun will be back soon enough... and in the meantime you can always resort to crochet and knitting (or baking!) to cheer you up!
    Your little boy is so cute, how old are they all?

  2. Thanks Teresa for the comment
    they are 18 ,16 ,8,6 all girls and the litle man is 4 years old


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