Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Miss cupcake

Hi and good morning to ya
ive been enjoying the great weather here in Norway ,sunny and so nice to sit out side with my coffee ,i did try to crochet yesterday just to find out that my hand is not ready for that ,my fingers are still very sore from the exident so i had to lay my hook down for the day .

You can still vote for my cupcake in the MISS CUPCAKE competion ,klikk on the MISS CUPCAKE link and press gilla and i have you vote
thanks so much


  1. You had an accident? I'm sorry to read that :(

  2. tanks Teresa ,my 6 year old slammed the car door on my hand and the dem door closed on it ,so i had to go to the hospital(but first i whanted to go the beach dint whant to spoil the kids day ) and get an exray ,but tank good it was not broken :)it will take some time to heal :/


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