Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy easter

Happy easter to all of my readers
.Baked some easter cupcakes ,im not done decorating them yet ,this is just a sample :)
i still have some more flowers to use and some other stuff and i will show you that later ,im waiting for the fondant to dry a litle more
now im gona go and take a litle trip to see the easter bunny with my kids ,where gona go and look for the bunny in the woods so take care and have a good day .


  1. Flottar, og geggjuð form!

    Gleðilega páska )

  2. As always, your cupcakes look delicious and beautifull...
    Being a traditionally catholic country we celebrate Easter in a more religious way (we kind of imported the Easter bunny and eggs, but it's more about lamb and other stuff like that). But that's more in the countryside, not so much in the big cities. We had to come back because of the kids or today we'd still be in the village :) and I'd probably be celebrating with a walk in the woods instead of inside a church!
    Here... as the weather is nice I hope to be able to go for a walk by the ocean!
    Happy Easter, Valeria!

  3. Happy Easter Svana, to all of you.
    I remember those little chocolate bars with the cute pictures on them...hope you found the bunny...and he didn't give the kids too much sugar...


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