Monday, April 11, 2011


Monday and the day started with sunshine and its warm and so nice ,so great to wake up on a monday and start the week with a litle sunshine
here is my son with some easter feathers that he whanted to tickle the flowers with .
he loves to play outside in the sun and had dressed him self as soon as he woke up ready to go outside and play in the garden.
so we whent outside and took some pic´s of the tree´s
here you can see how the weather has been in Iceland
someone lost there garden table here ups

have a wonderful day


  1. It is so nice to wake up to sunshine and a little warmth....and a son who dresses himself!! Hope you both have a great time outside and find some treasures in your new garden....

  2. Your son's smile looks like a ray of sun too :)
    I'm glad you're finally getting some nice weather, I can't live without the sun and warmth either...


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