Sunday, April 3, 2011

Im back

Im back home
the kids missed me like i was gone for weeks haha
but i had a great time ,to bad the weather was not so good ,really windy and rain but we did go to the beach and i took some pic´s there ,saw this crazy man there on ski´s and with a kite on the sea ,i was sure the sea would get him ,and he was there all by him self omg could not belive that .

But we dint go to sleep untill very very late that night ,talking and talking and more talking and some red wine and chocolate aww it was so nice and fun and since im not so good talking norsk we talked in english and it was funny when we just could not find the right words for the things we where trying to say so we just said blehblehbleh haha .

But i have to admitt that i dind not crochet anyflowers (im such a bad hokker)
i just did not find the time to do that so im gona have to get my self together at home and some work on that
Anyway it was really what i needed nobody to take care of just me and me over and over again.I think all moms need time like this even if it was only for 24 hours
I would really like to do this me time again.
Now its back to my life, kids and everything we need to do and take care of and some baking maby.The weather is better today but im not sure what to where to go i just really need to get dressed and take it from there.
I may be along way from home but next week im getting a big box from Iceland ,all kinds of stuff from home ,easter eggs for the kids and more fun things
A long way from home

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  1. so glad you had some time off, even if the weather wasn't so's good to just get away and breath...home is always there, where ever you go...even on the windswept beaches...what a fabulous place that is...great photos Svana...I could almost FEEL the wind and cold... :) xxx


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