Sunday, April 10, 2011

Flower power

Well i did it :) i took out my hook and the yarn and did a few flowers ,yeh or me and it felt good and i think im back in the game .
Sometimes i just have to take a brake from the things im doing and other things ,maby so i wont get bored with them ,thats just the way i am .
But i can totally see ny self sitting in the sun and hook a litle ,and today is a lovely day sunny and warm ohh i love that thats what ive been waiting for ,there are so many things we need to get for the garden ,i need a grill (dont have one ) and i saw a litle table and two chairs that ive been whanting for a few years but it was hard to find in Iceland and when i saw it here i was so happy that i told hubby i would really need that :) he said yes i think you need it haha

well back to the blankie i need more yarn to keep on going so im going to the local yarn shop next week to get some more yarn,not really sure how much i will need for this huge project ,ive finished maybe nine so far .
then i have all the ends but thats for another time now i need to get more flowers done so im gona get me some more coffee and maybe a litle slice of my wonderful passionfruit cake and sit in the sun and hook flowers .
Have a great sunday
XOXO Valeria


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  2. It's looking just wonderful Svana! I want to try this J flower too, but having so many other projects on my plate at the moment makes it a bit crowded :'} Enjoy your sunny Sunday outdoors!

  3. Hi Valeria!!
    I like this color combination. What weight yarn are you using? The flowers are perfect!

  4. Hi Carol and thanks for youre comment,the yarn i use is sportweight

  5. This shawl is beautiful!!! I love those flowers! I really want to make some too :)

  6. This is so pretty. I been wanting to make these flowers for ever but I can't find the pattern any were in English. Every time I find it is in Japanese. Could you tell me where I could get this pattern? Great Job and Love the Colors!!!


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