Thursday, April 7, 2011

No name

I have no name for this post ,cause im just not sure what i could say about it ,im kinda sad and angry but not sure why or i dont whant to think about why
i had to go out this morning and the weather well what can i say ,it was boring ,windy cold and misty ,why dint i move to spain im more of a sun and heat person.
So when i came home i did a litle cleaning (not to much though ) dint feel like doing much so sat in my chair and just looked out the window ,cars going by one by one ,peoble walking one by one and looking at the trees and birds trying to find things to put in there litle nests (one litle guy is making a nest on the roof of our house )

oh this is a boring post but thats just the way it had to be ,dont whant to try to write something fun when i cant find the fun thing in me

so im lost and if you find me could you please let me know couse i whant my self back and i miss ME


  1. don't make me cry....sweet have been through a lot this past half year and it may just all be catching up with you..and the horrible weather doesn't help. Your blog is a way to get it all out and say what you feel and doing that helps a little...spring will be with you soon...and then summer and you'll get to go out with the kids and hubby and do the things you like. It's hard trying to settle in a new place and it takes longer than we think...but as long as you're all together and have everything you need..all the rest is just icing on the cake!!!
    I hope you feel more like yourself really really soon....and if knowing someone far away cares and wishes you well....then I'm that someone!!!

  2. Dear Valeria, I wish I could say come on over to Portugal, it's just as warm (or warmer) as Spain and we have wonderfull food and beaches and all... but things aren't very good here right now! The Government just went down, public transportation companies are always on strike, cost of living going up and our salaries going down, the economy is a mess, so I guess it's not really the place to relocate to right now.
    Ok, now seriously. I know all about blue moods. And wanting to be yourself again. Boy, I haven't been myself for almost a year now! So, from someone who loves reading your blog and considers you a friend, even though we've never met, just cry if you have to then wipe off those tears and smile. You have a beautifull family, you're all healthy and you make beautifull things. Just think of that! Spring will come and you'll feel perky and happy again...and everything will get back on track!
    Lots of love,

  3. Nú skil ég statusinn þinn á feisinu ;) Elsku Svana, þú ert ekkert týnd, það er ósköp eðliegt að vera af og til eitthvað dán og gott að nota bara þann tíma til að hugsa og horfa á lífið í kringum sig eins og þú varst að gera. Þú ert svo dugleg að takast á við nýtt líf þarna úti og ert alveg á réttum stað.....innan um börnin þín. Þegar maður er með þeim þá skiptir ekki máli hvar maður er staddur ;) *knús*


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